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Dr Gideon Moseti in Quest for Nyamira Gubernatorial Seat

He promises to ensure that sustainable jobs will be created through the installation of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Center hubs across the twenty wards.



In a bid to wrestle the Governor’s seat of the hands of the old generation, the Nyamira County gubernatorial race in the 2022 election has finally attracted a young candidate. A medical technologist and Administrator, Dr Gideon Moseti is in Quest for Nyamira Gubernatorial Seat.

The devolved unit and agriculturally rich rural county may have a youthful leader but who is equal to the task should the electorates decide to trust him with their votes.

Who is Dr Gideon Moseti Nyakundi?

Dr Gideon Moseti Nyakundi, a professional medical technologist/engineer and administrator currently working as a Senior Director of clinical engineering, in the United States of America, is no guest to leadership at any level.

Born and bred at Manga sub-county to development conscious and industrious parents, the Medical Technologist and Doctor started his schooling at Sengera primary school going all the way to Kisii High school before proceeding to the United States for further studies.

“After my high school education, I decided to work with my father for ten years in community development across Nyamira county (a district then), where we helped establish over 100 Community Self Help Groups which greatly empowered our people,” says the renowned medical technologist.

“It is through these interactions with various groups of people that I came to understand the various needs that our people have more so in the rural areas that have motivated me to pursue leadership at the gubernatorial post,” notes Moseti.

Moseti says that the opportunity he got to travel abroad for further studies has been a blessing. Moreover, he has been able to interact with developed systems and interacted with highly varied minds in both professional and private life. Consequently, this will positively influence his leadership at Nyamira County, should he get the chance to lead the people of Nyamira.

“I received the American opportunity with great hope that I would make my life better while there (In America). But having studied the snails-pace progress at home and with the urge to give back to my homeland in terms of skills and service, I have developed a working formula that will take Nyamira to great heights. With donors lined up to support Nyamira, quick progress can be achieved.

The choice in 2022 is clear: Change or more of the samE. The Youth will take charge!

Two Continents, One vision

“America and Kenya (to extension Nyamira) are worlds apart in many fronts but they have bred me. I have strong affiliations with Nyamira and would like to make it better than I found it. It is my home,” says the holder of Doctorate in Administration.

Dr Nyakundi currently works as a Senior Director of Biomedical and Clinical engineering, County of Denver. He directs hospitals and community health care centres, including a number of hospitals, rescue medical operations (ambulance and helicopter service), public health care, and community medical systems management at the County of Denver, United States of America, including the current Covid-19.

The opportunity to study work and live in America has seen him work as a nurse in several hospitals among many other areas sections now that America provides a myriad of opportunities. After his clinical engineering degree, he studies all life support systems to become an open heart surgery technologist.

Dr Nyakundi is a double career individual – a rare find…a double bachelor’s degrees (clinical engineering and Management), Double Masters (public health and Administration), and Doctorate in Administration.

With all these academic credentials coupled with experience gained at the various workplaces, Dr Nyakundi looks at Nyamira from a global perspective-that there are resources and opportunities to empower the people only that the political will has never noticed it thus the need for him to contest in the coming elections to fix the disconnects.

“I am contesting so that I get to partner with the residents of Nyamira and friends of Nyamira worldwide to bring vitality to our deserving County,” says Nyakundi adding that if he gets the way to the Governor’s post, he will negotiate strategic collaboration and relations especially with the developed world and the diaspora population to invest locally and foster development.

Dr Nyakundi’s Manifesto

Health is wealth

On health, for instance, Dr Nyakundi, promises to employ his versatile experience in Healthcare Systems administration and Clinical Technology to negotiate for better health care in Nyamira.

“As a skilled and Certified Clinical Applications and Technologist Management Specialist with extensive knowledge of clinical operations and business processes in medical infrastructure and technology systems, I understand the gaps in Nyamira which will need me to fix so that our people receive better services,” says Nyakundi adding that he is negotiating for collaborations and assistance from the land of opportunities to equip Nyamira.

Over time, Dr Moseti has donated medical equipment to Nyamira county worth millions of shillings including two robotic Automated Electro-cardio defibrillators (the only in the county), more than 100 stereoscopes, ultrasounds, over 50 Thermo guns and many more. Dr Moseti has also donated several state-of-the-art laptops to our schools.

With wide experience in strategic County development and planning, the aspiring Governor plans to employ organizational leadership skills in achieving results.

“I provide leadership and direction to over 30 geographically dispersed hospitals, several public health hospitals, rescue ambulance systems and State emergency preparedness, skills I believe I can employ in coordinating County activities,” he notes. With the ability to control a budget of about 178 billion to the dot, Nyamira will be at his balm for effective revenue management.

Dr Nyakundi understands the importance of bringing all generations on board in societal management. This is because he has worked with all groups and races across the world. Dr Nyakundi remarked ‘having many clans in Nyamira is great! For clans bring diverse cultural diversities and taste. “Harmonizing all the clans to work together as Nyamirans is my priority,” remarked the youthful doctor.

“The elders have the experience and know the roots while the youth have the new skills with the energy to implement using technology. Combining all these will bear fruit,” dares the Doctor of Administration.

“It is not the lack of skills at home (Nyamira) that is the challenge but the political will to execute its mandate and make our people engaged in income-generating activities so that they earn a living and make their lives decent,” says he adding that his Government will focus on income-generating activities geared towards empowering people economically through available resources so that their income is sustained and improved.

He promises to ensure that sustainable jobs will be created. This is through the installation of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Center hubs across the twenty wards. This will create jobs. Moreover, he is aware that women and the youth form a greater percentage of unemployed and low-income earners.

Rural County with prospects

Dr Gideon Moseti

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics census of 2019, Nyamira County’s population stands at 605,576 whereby the males are 290,907 and females 314,656 represented by 48% and 52% percentages respectively with 92% of the County’s landmass covered as rural.

Much of the county’s population is dependent on subsistence farming and it will be part of my mandate to ensure that this rural but quite a versatile County is progressive to do farming as a business,” says the Doctor of Administration adding that it’s through business that young entrepreneurs will grow their prospects.

“My Government will create and inject money and other resources to a youth Fund that will support young minds in their business ventures so that they are uplifted. Business incubation centres will be built across the county where young minds can be sharpened,” highlights the prospective Governor, who holds two Degrees one in Biomedical and Clinical Engineering and a bachelor’s in management

Dr Gideon Moseti is in Quest for Nyamira Gubernatorial Seat.
Dr Gideon Moseti addressing the people of Nyamira during a function where he donated medical equipment to Nyamira county worth millions of shillings including two robotic Automated Electro-cardio defibrillators, more than 100 stereoscopes, ultrasounds, over 50 Thermo guns and many more.

Dr Nyakundi has two degree, one in clinical engineering and the other in Bsc Management, two master’s degrees one in Public Health and the other in Administration, crowning his education with Doctor of Science, Administration.
He boasts that he owes all these academic achievements to the people of Nyamira, who he promises to put his best foot forward to serve if they give a chance come 2022.

“The world is covered in technology and Nyamira cannot be left behind. From medical to social life to business, technology has taken centre stage hence the need to embrace it in Nyamira,” notes Nyakundi as he donated several internet hubs to schools.

On picking a running mate, he expects to pick his principal assistant from any clan so long as the prospective person shares a vision like his.

“This is a joint ticket in which one must pick a running mate wisely through wide consultations. I will admire to have a running mate whom I share a vision with,” notes Nyakundi.

Nyamira has two major clans those of Bogetutu and Bogirango with Borabu hosting both clans and many other clans across Gusii land. Dr Moseti remarks that ‘’my leadership will include all people of Nyamira, youth and elderly; disabled and whole; men and women as equals.’

Besides Dr Moseti having a ton of experience and knowledge, he is the youngest Governor aspirant in Nyamira at 43 prime age. He is a leader who embraces all clans and people from all walks of life. A true Christian and Lover of God. The ideal Leader that Nyamira Needs.

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Journalist Jacque Maribe Declares Her Interest In Politics.



Former Royal Media Service news anchor and renowned journalist Jacque Maribe declares her interest in politics.

She is eyeing the Muranga Women Rep seat.

It is currently being held by Sabina Chege.

She said her decision to venture into politics was inspired by the existing leadership gaps.

She was clear to state it wasn’t due to selfish ambitions.

However, when pressed further on her preferred political party, Maribe did not confirm.

She also did not confirm whether she would run on a UDA (United Democratic Alliance) or Jubilee party ticket.

The two are the dominant parties in Mt. Kenya.

The newly formed UDA which is associated with Deputy President currently enjoys a considerable following in the region.

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Cat Steals Show During Delivery of BBI Judgement at Court of Appeal.



A sitting at the court of appeal in Nairobi nearly stopped when a stranger stepped into the room.

Justice Gatembu Kairu was delivering his judgement on the constitution of Kenya (amendment) bill 2020 when the cat made its way in.

It went on with its business even as the judges and others keenly followed the briefings.

This was on Friday, August 2020.

It was not the first time that members of the online community joked about the cat.

In June 2020, the same cat is said to have appeared at a press conference.

This was during a briefing that was being held by the former Chief Justice Maraga.

On that day, He had invited members of the press to express his frustrations and a frosty relationship with the president.

Nelson Havi joked about it and said:

“The arrival of the chief Justice David Maraga’s judicial cat at the court of appeal is acknowledged…”

As reported, the promoters of the BBI will have to go back to the drawing board.

This is because the court dismissed it for being unconstitutional.

The voluminous judgement not only presented far-reaching political and legal implications, but also exposed Uhuru.

They also mentioned his role in the amendment of the 2010 constitution.

“Under our constitutional architecture, the president cannot initiate the process of amendment of the constitution as a popular initiative.

His intentions were noble but the execution was not in line with the constitution, “Justice Daniel Musinga ruled.

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Former Kibwezi West MP Kalembe Ndile has died at the Nairobi Hospital.



Former Kibwezi West MP Kalembe Ndile has died at the Nairobi Hospita

Former Kibwezi West MP Kalembe Ndile has died at the Nairobi Hospital.

Ndile 57, died on Saturday night at Nairobi Hospital after struggling with a long illness.

The family confirmed his death. His body is currently being transported to the Lee Funeral Home

Kalembe Ndile’s son Kioko, confirmed his father’s death.

“My father was admitted at the hospital last week. He died this morning and we are at the same hospital now. We will give more details later,” Kioko said on phone.

Former Kibwezi West MP Kalembe Ndile has died at the Nairobi Hospital.
Former Kibwezi West MP Kalembe Ndile has died at the Nairobi Hospital.

It has emerged that the former Tip Tip party leader had a phone conversation with some Machakos journalists last week informing them of his admission at the hospital and possibility of “resting”.

“Kalembe called me last week and told me that he wasn’t feeling well. He had been admitted at Nairobi Hospital, ” Machakos Athiani FM reporter Regina Mutua said.

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