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Impacts of Spotify to Music Industry in Kenya

Now that we have Spotify in Kenya, what can change?



spotify in kenya
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In the world of music, trends and popularity sometimes account very little to eventual financial success of albums or singles. Tours, streaming platforms and royalties account for way more revenue to artists. Now that we have Spotify in Kenya, what can change?

In 2020, the highest-paid musician in the world was Kanye West who raked in $170 million. Sir Elton John comes in second with $81 million in earnings while Ariana Grande rounds up the top 3 with $72 million. Interestingly, Kanye West’s last album release was in 2019. Sir Elton John last studio album was in 2016.

With spotify in Kenya alongside 84 other markets in an expansion, we take a look at what these streaming platforms offer musicians and artists.

In this research and storytelling collaboration with SemaBOX, Dan Aceda takes us through a musical journey from the 1960s as he explains why Spotify’s entry into the market is the biggest thing that has happened to the music industry perhaps in his lifetime. Dan Aceda is an award-winning musician, singer and songwriter with over 15 years experience in the Kenyan music space.

Dan is also an entrepreneur having most recently founded the StudioTISA and SemaBOX, a boutique podcasting studio and incubator providing a plug and play facility at very competitive rates to budding podcasters. Furthermore, they offer training to the creatives on branding, distribution and commercialization of their podcasts.

We ask and answer various topics like why most record labels exited the Kenyan market in the 80s. Will The Mushrooms ever win their IP fight against Disney for the copyright to the phrase “Hakuna Matata”.

Dan, the musical historian that he is, blows us away with facts about the industry we didn’t even know. Like the fact that in the 80s, Kenya produced four gold records or the curious case of Joseph Kamaru, who wrote over 1300 songs.

You can watch the full video interview below

Spotify in Kenya vs Tidal vs Apple Music

Dan is quick to point out that Spotify’s rates are not the best in the market and that is one of the biggest drawbacks we have with the platform. He continues to say that he would love to see Spotify take deliberate efforts to ensure more of the revenue generated from this market stays within the local market to help spur growth of the industry. If Spotify maintains their current streaming revenue sharing ratios for the Kenyan industry, which is way lower that Amazon Music, Tidal, Apple Music and even Google Play Music, it will be the biggest disadvantage to artists locally.

spotify in kenya
Spotify vs Tidal vs Apple Music

The Case of MCSK

But before all the music streaming apps got here, weren’t local artists getting paid for their music getting played?

It is not so long ago that MCSK was caught in crosshairs. Various artists went to social media to publicly call out the organization over mere payouts to the artists.

At the time popular rap acts Khaligraph Jones and King Kaka shared screenshots of Ksh 2,500 payout. This is peanuts for a full year’s airplay of the songs.

MCSK is a Collecting Management Organization for Authors, Composers and publishers of musical work. Their mandate is to collect royalties in public performance and broadcasting, on behalf of its members. MCSK currently has over 14,000 members.

Record Label vs Independent Artist

An artist on an independent label might get less exposure.

So does this mean that Kenyan artist are better off using independent labels for their Spotify in Kenya music distribution? Probably not. However this does show that in some instances, artists might actually earn more with less exposure and fame.

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  • spotify in kenya

    spotify in kenya

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Excited about their status, he also took to his socials and posted their beautiful photos.

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Rapper Lil Nas x claims he is pregnant and expecting the birth of his album.

He said its due on September, 17, 2021.

He included a set of announcement photos were he is sporting a giant baby bump.

He shared stunning pictures on Instagram- where he is shirtless kneeling by the poolside.

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Of course he is referring to his upcoming album- but the pictures look as real as they come.

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The show makers announced that they would premier the show in two parts, volume 1 and 2.

Volume 1 will have 5 episodes.

Volume 2 will be released towards the end of the year.

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And this time, he has no escape plan.

Given how eager many Kenyans are waiting for the release, it comes as no surprise that the Series is a trending topic on twitter.

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