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Vera Sidika Veetox Herbal Tea and beauty spa (Video)



Apart from socialite life, Vera sidika Sidika is an entrepreneur who runs a beauty spa and the Vera Sidika Veetox Herbal Tea Company.

The socialite left people tongue-tied with her humongous curves and flat tummy. When asked what her secret is, Sidika launched the Veetox herbal tea.

Vera launched her Vera Sidika Veetox Herbal Tea at the Royal Orchid on May 22nd 2017 and sells her products to customers in Kenya and overseas.

In the quest to remain slim and achieve a flat tummy, detox concoctions and supplements are the in thing! Whether homemade or manufactured.

Better yet, do these detox teas even work? Instagram Influencers and models vouch for such products for a slim yet curvier physique.

These products come in different kinds, packagings, different ingredients, with an assurance to clean up your system and give you the waistline you always wanted!

Some bloggers who reviewed the tea are

  1. her_muse
  2. Daniella Chedvah
  3. Actysworld

Veetox herbal Tea

Vera Sidika Veetox Herbal tea
Vera Sidika Veetox Herbal tea

If you are unfamiliar with the product,  it’s a herbal product specifically a premium weight loss tea, for a lean, slim waist like Sidika’s.

According to the package, the herbal tea promotes stomach fat burning, reduce bloating, improves metabolism and cleanse the digestive system.

It works for both men and women!


The Vera Sidika Veetox Herbal Tea (regular & extra) comes in a beautiful package that shows the amount of tea bags in it, preparation and contact information.

Moreover, the beautifully packaged herbal tea comes in two products namely; Regular and Extra.

The notable difference between Regular and Extra is one mild thus you get 28 tea bags for a price of Ksh.3000 while extra is stronger and comes with 14 teabags at the same price.

As written at the back of the package, the tea helps you with;

*Promoting stomach fat burning & weightloss

Reduces bloating

*Improving metabolism

*Cleansing your digestive system

What to expect


According to online reviews, Vera Sidika Veetox Herbal Tea shares a similar taste to green tea. Its taste can also be overwhelming to consumers who dislike anything bitter.

Frequent bathroom visits

Most of the consumers have talked of frequent long call visits to the washroom during the first few days until your body adjusts. After all, the sole purpose of the product is to clean up your colon and your digestive system, so all the waste needs to say goodbye!

Time of use

The Vera Sidika Veetox Herbal Tea Company advises users to take it after dinner or when you don’t have too much going on. This prevents unexpected washroom visits at the wrong place and time.

Most reviews suggest the product is worth a try as it helped them shed off a few kgs, gave a lighter feeling and there are no major side effects.

Its recommended to those who desire a snatched waist or weight loss although it takes time and commitment.

To gauge the product better, track your weight and measurements before and after use.

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Vanessa is Expecting Rotimi’s Child.



Vanessa Mdee is Expecting Rotimi’s Child.

She took to her social media and announced that she is expecting a baby boy.

The singer who is heavily pregnant posted stunning photos on her Instagram.

Rotimi, went ahead and stated that the best thing he ever got was her.

Excited about their status, he also took to his socials and posted their beautiful photos.

According to him, Vanessa changed his life.

He excitedly said that they are now linked forever to raise a little them.

He promised to protect them with everything he has.

Their fans took to their socials to congratulate them.

Congratulations to the power couple.

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Lil’ Nas X Shows Off His Baby Bump in Shocking Album Pregnancy Photos.



Rapper Lil Nas x claims he is pregnant and expecting the birth of his album.

He said its due on September, 17, 2021.

He included a set of announcement photos were he is sporting a giant baby bump.

He shared stunning pictures on Instagram- where he is shirtless kneeling by the poolside.

“You got to see this! SUPRISE! I can’t believe I’m finally announcing this. My little bundle of joy “MONTERO” is due September, 17, 2021,” He captioned.

Of course he is referring to his upcoming album- but the pictures look as real as they come.

The rapper claims he came up with the idea after listening to Megan Thee Stallions’ verse on his new song.

According to the rapper, the new album was largely created over the past year during the Covid 19 lockdown.

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Juliani Finally Responds to Rumors about Dating Lilian Nganga.



Juliani finally responds to rumors about dating Lilian Nganga, the Ex-girlfriend to Machakos Governor.

For the past few weeks, there has been speculations that he is the new guy.

The rumors were intensified by photos of the two in suggestive positions.

Many took that as clear evidence of a romantic brewing.

Appearing to respond to the allegations, Juliani took to his social media thanking those who reached out to him in the past weeks.

The rapper went ahead to state he had no reason to give a statement on what he considered obvious.

He appeared to agree that the two are an item.

He said people can think for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

His fans, however, were not letting him off that easily.

They went over to praise him and even termed him as the G.O.A.T

Here are some of the reactions:

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